current projects

Vmarker II

Like the the Vmarker-I the next gen interactive whiteboard solution: Vmarker-II is a sensible alternative for the expensive more known competitors that schools tend to buy. With this solution you can transform your computer with projector into a interactive digital whiteboard. Using an IR-pen you can interact with software programs on the whiteboard.

The Vmarker II uses a separate radio signal for bi-directional communication between the Vmarker pen and the Vmarker sensor. The buttons on the IR-pen are read by the Vmarker sensor, depending on the settings the sensor then controls the IR-LED from the Vmarker pen, so the IR-LED is only lit when needed, this saves a lot of energy.




An IOT connected tag to track and protect your product.
You can attach the LoRaTAG to your product (a bicycle in this example), when the product is moved you will get a notice. Or when the tag is opened you will get an alarm. Depending on which LoRa network you will use you will also know the location of the product.
At a regular interval you will also get an update of some other sensor readings; temperature, humidity, orientation.
In this example the loraTAG is designed to have a low cost and long lasting tracking of your product (battery life >1 year).


Check the realtime tracking data of our prototype LoRaTAG's at:

Industrial Matrix LED display

In automation processes often a 'error' message display is used. These display's mostly are big but simple segment display's which can be observed from a larger distance. (they are used in big production halls). Mostly these displays need a separate interface and/or controller to display the messages.

We have developed a display which uses the EtherCAT Fieldbus. An Ethernet based Fieldbus which is largely used in the industry. In fact we use the EtherCAT-P version which also includes power over the 4-Wire Ethernet cable. So only a single cable is required to connect the display and to have it controlled by the central processing unit.

The display itself is a matrix RGB LED display. Several sizes are possible, the standard configuration is a 400x800mm size display with a 128x256 pixels. With this graphical matrix display one is no more restricted to a 7 or 14 segment LED display.