Smart mini motion sensor

The smart mini motion sensor is designed for a 2 wire system input module. The smart mini motion sensor does not only measure motion, it also measures temperature and luminosity. To prevent having to install more expensive and more complex modules like analoginputs to read in this type of information, the smart mini motion sensor serializes this data and sends this over a normal binairy input. The translation of the serialised data to values according to the measured units is done by software in the controller.

We expanded the panasonic motion sensor with extra sensors. In the smart mini motion sensor LT we have added a lightsensor and a temperature sensor. Because the sensors are not to big we are able to fit them in the EKMC 1693111.

The electronics are designed to fit in a standard 5/8" PVC conduit. Except for the dome, the sensor completely submerges in a 5/8" PVC Conduit, the electronics even fits in a 16mm flexible conduit. So it is easy to mount the sensor in a ceiling or wall because only a small hole is required, ca 11mm.

The smart mini motion sensor is "2-wire" connected to a 24V input type EN61132-2. Only two wires are required to power the sensor and also get the values off all measured environmental units. One wire connects 24V to the sensor, the other wire is the signal wire and is connected to the input of the controller as shown in the diagram.

A user function on the PLC can decode the pulses send by the smart pir. The different environmental values are encoded in two different messages. Each message takes about 5 seconds to receive and decode. So in a cycle of 10 seconds all environmental values are updated.