past projects

Vmarker I

In 2011 we developed an interactive whiteboard, a sensible alternative for the expensive more known competitors that schools tend to buy.

With this solution you can transform a computer with projector into an interactive digital whiteboard.

The Vmarker I solution was in production until the end of 2016. In that period we shipped more than 1000 sensors to 50 countries all over the world.

Also several updates and improvements were introduced. Read the complete Vmarker story here.

Today the Vmarker II is still available. You can find more information at the Vmarker portal:

High power LED-driver

For a customer we developed a special high power LED-driver 120W with analogue brightness control. The driver is used in a specialised diving light for high-speed underwater motion capture. The electronics are encapsulated in the customers housing, the housing is used to cool down the driver and LED. Because of the dense power ratio, the light has to be underwater to have a sufficient cooling. An analogue brightness control is used in stead of the more commonly used PWM so it can be used with high-speed camera’s.


For didactic purpose, a display had to be designed, the display had to be big enough to use in a classroom with a dozen pupils. The display had to be portable and easy to use. Until then a heavy special suitcase was used with very old technology:  lightbulbs lit up different segments of the display. The sequence of the segment was controlled by a cassette.  It was not easy to ‘reprogram’ new sequences, defects were becoming very expensive as the used cassette-technology is obsolete.

So we designed a new display using electro-luminescence technology. The display consists of 63 individual controllable segments. For this we designed a special electro-luminescence driver and power supply. Like the old didactic display the new display also has build-in speakers. The sequence of the individual segments is controlled by an USB connection, by a laptop. The same USB connection is also used to play sound through the speakers. In fact the speakers of the new didactic display are recognised by the PC as standard PC-speakers.​

Escape game automation

For a new escape room experience in Antwerp we have introduced industry proven technology. To connect different 'room's and puzzles together we have used EtherCAT, an industrial network based on Ethernet. We have used a industrial PC from Beckhoff running TwinCAT as central controller. The different puzzles are connected over EtherCAT or are directly controlled by the central controller itself.

The complete games-flow can be controlled and monitored by this central controller. Using this central-controller-based architecture, it is easy to adapt a game , change the game flow, etc.

Do you have an escape room and do you want to introduce hi-tech in the game? We can help you make your idea happen using today's technology.

We use industrial components so you have an high-tech and reliable solution. You already have different 'electronic' puzzles using Arduino, Rasp Pi,... we can interface these devices to the central controller. You don't find any suitable device to master the sensors and actuators needed for your puzzle? Maybe it is possible with the industrial controller expanded with one of the many IO interfaces we can choose from. If not we can even develop a new interface special for that purpose.